Ducati Monster 821 – Review


Ducati has unveiled another Monster 821 bike. Like other bikes of its basic style, it is seductively elegant and performance-oriented. The company claims that its range of bicycles represents the typical culture and charm of Italy. The monster family of bicycles has been the company’s flagship product for some time. These workhorses have helped it to stand its ground in the face of stiff competition from other brands in the market. In order to bring the young blood to its folds, the company has unveiled another huge bike dubbed the Monster 821. It has hit the entry-level segment with a price tag of Rs. 9.6 lakh. The other workhorses included in this segment, such as the 795 and 796, have gone out of the ordinary. Therefore, these two-wheelers will be available while the stock lasts.

Ducati Monster 821

It is the new third generation motorcycle that comes with number one technology configurations. It offers users different cycling modes to choose from. These modes come preset for eight-stage traction control. It also has three-stage ABS to offer maximum safety to the rider in all circumstances. It has a powerful engine that produces a power of 110.5 CV. Ducati has crowned the power delivery of this engine to offer 75 hp in urban mode. The company has optimized its throttle body and injection systems to increase low and mid-range torque for better two-wheel controls in busy road conditions. There are manly lines drawn on the new larger 17.5-liter gas tank. These lines make the motorcycle look muscular. The two-wheeler looks stylish when viewed from the rear. Bulky under-seat exhausts are replaced by a 2-1-2 system that makes the outlet lower to the right. The rider can look from the saddle directly onto the road after having passed the large tank, a one-piece handlebar and an instrument cluster. In the instrument cluster, you can see the LCD screen showing the status of various parameters. The company has removed the handlebars to give the rider the opportunity to sit upright while riding the motorcycle. It has aluminum stems to house the rear view mirrors. The brake lever can be adjusted in step.

Characteristics of the Ducati Monster 821

While driving the Monster 821, you can feel the smooth running of the engine. The shorter gear in driving gave him the opportunity to crawl below 20 km / h without losing his body balance. It could easily travel at a speed of 30 km / h in third gear. Like any other bike that loves speed, it responds to small throttle openings to move through traffic without getting hit anywhere.

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