LA Lakers Kobe Bryant: one of the greatest?

The Lakers are high, feeding off a boisterous crowd that will now be in a Kobe-induced frenzy. I imagine the hottest ticket in the NBA is in Los Angeles when the Lakers play at home. Tickets are selling like hotcakes these days as a lot of people will want to see what Kobe does every night. After scoring 81 points in a game, Kobe Bryant’s status as a player is now in the company of Wilt Chamberlain, arguably the greatest NBA player to ever play the game. Bryant’s feat is second only to Chamberlain, who scored 100 points in a game for the Philadelphia Warriors in 1962 against the New York Knicks. So the question arises; Is Kobe Bryant one of the greatest? Well, at least his name was placed alongside Chamberlains in the record books.

Kobe Bryant says he’s a bit embarrassed about his 81-point effort against the Toronto Raptors, and that he’s not trying to eclipse Wilt Chamberlain’s record of 100 points in a game, according to a Reuters report. Bryant continues to be harassed by questions after his scoring outburst. “I’m actually a little embarrassed,” Bryant said after a Lakers practice. “I think it’s exciting for the game and the organization because of all the rumors, but personally it’s a bit embarrassing.” Kobe Bryant may have some personal issues that he should be ashamed of, but scoring 81 in a single game is not one of them.

He’s trying to lead the Lakers to a successful season and ultimately a strong showing in the NBA playoffs. Bryant leads the NBA in scoring, averaging 35.7 points per game. In January, with his 81-point game, he averaged 43.4 points per game. He joined Chamberlain again in the record books as the only other player to average more than 40 points per game in a single month. He says that winning is the most important thing for the Lakers.

“The concept is not about going out and putting on a show or going out and scoring points,” he said. “It’s to win games. I’d rather go out and score 25 points and get 10 assists and see everyone on pace, everyone on pace.” About Chamberlain’s branding, Bryant said, “I don’t even think about it. That’s unthinkable. Wilt did it once, and I’m not Wilt.”

One of the most controversial issues for basketball fans is whether Wilt Chamberlain is the greatest player of all time. His incredible stats are unmatched, but the big argument against him is that he “only” won two championships. Thus, there are several players who could rival Chamberlain for the title of greatest basketball player of all time, including Bill Russell, his longtime nemesis on the court, who won 11 mind-blowing titles and regularly beat up teams. Chamberlain in the playoffs. . There is also Michael Jordan, who won six titles and won five MVP titles from the NBA regular season and six from the championship finals; Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who also won six titles and is the NBA’s all-time leading scorer, and Earvin “Magic” Johnson, who won five titles and was a more versatile player than Chamberlain.

Statistically, Johnson was arguably the best offensive producer of all time. Assuming each assist creates 2 points, he produced 54.85 points every 48 minutes, compared to 50.98 for Michael Jordan or 40.82 for Wilt Chamberlain. Johnson also scored 17,707 points throughout his 906-game career, averaging 19.5 points per game. However, there are several arguments that support the idea that Wilt Chamberlain is the better player. In his prime, Wilt was so dominant that the NBA changed the rules to stop him, including a ban on entry passes over the backboard and a ban on dunking from the free throw line during free throw attempts.

The NBA hasn’t changed any rules because of Kobe Bryant’s game. However, his fresh out of high school career has taken many twists and turns with numerous well-documented off-court problems, but his game has always shown steady improvement despite various distractions. The Los Angeles Lakers became perennial championship contenders with Bryant and former teammate Shaquille O’Neal, who teamed up to form one of the deadliest center guard duos in NBA history. Their success gave the Lakers three consecutive NBA championships in 2000, 2001 and 2002. The 2003 season saw the end of the Lakers’ streak as a mini-dynasty, but it also became the defining season for Kobe Bryant. An NBA superstar at just 24 years old, Bryant averaged more than 30 points per game and embarked on a historic scoring career, recording 40 or more points per game for nine consecutive contests.

To be fair, offense is only part of the game of basketball. So trying to crown a “greatest of all time” in the NBA is a near impossible task. To be even more fair, the game has radically changed since 1962 and so has the athleticism of the players. The NBA is awash with players who play specific roles for their team. These “specialists” do very well what they do, such as 3-point shooting, defense, distribution of the ball, inside game, and so on. Wilt may not have been the best, but for sure, he was the most dominant player the game has ever produced. The question is, would he be so dominant in today’s game with today’s players? Kobe Bryant is an incredible athlete, a versatile player. It’s still early in his NBA career, and while he has all the tools to outshine the greatest players in history, he still hasn’t. Kobe Bryant … WE’LL BE WATCHING.

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