How to train a puppy on a leash – 4 useful tips

Does your dog practically rip your arm off when he runs down the street? It’s never too early to learn how to leash train a puppy. In fact, studies have shown that the sooner they get used to the practice, the fewer behavior problems they will have on future walks. But what if you’re not sure how to leash train a puppy? These are just some tips.

Avoid Ceremony

That happy moment will come when your puppy anxiously awaits by the door with the leash in his mouth. But don’t expect this behavior when you’re still leash training.

The first few times you put it around your neck or take it outside, try to make it as insignificant as possible. For example, hold on to the leash while eating a treat or chewing on a toy. This will keep you from feeling distracted and uncomfortable by all the new sensations.

identify their problems

Does your pup dig his paws into the ground when it’s time for a walk? Or is he overly excited and likely to rip your arm off every time he sees a squirrel? There are a million different ways dogs can test your patience on the leash, so when you’re looking for how-to guides on how to leash train a puppy, make sure you pick the ones that really address your issues.

spend your energy

Even the sweetest pup will have a hard time paying attention to your commands when he’s full of enthusiasm and excited to be outdoors. Before you take him for a walk, play a few games in the backyard or let him fetch his ball over and over again. He will be much more amenable to correction when he is not bursting with the desire to run as far as the leash will allow.

take it in steps

Does your dog go crazy when you take him off the leash? Stay perfectly still until he calms down. Does he jump out of the front yard as soon as he smells your garden? Have him sit for a few minutes before continuing your walk.

When wondering how to leash train a puppy, it’s important to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Small steps are the key to a well-trained dog, so don’t be afraid to break your routine up into increments.

These are just a few tips for longer walks and better behavior. Learning how to leash train a puppy is easier when you have access to dog training videos. No matter the age, breed, or temperament, all dogs can be taught obedience with enough love and discipline!

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