Game ideas for groups of children (including Bring Me, Pirate’s Treasure, Balloon Burst)

What time is it, Mr. Wolf?
One person leads the game and stands at one end of the room as the wolf, with their backs to the others. The other players stand at the other end of the floor and yell “What time is it, Mr. Wolf?”. The wolf then announces the time, say one o’clock, and the other players take a big step toward the wolf. They call again and take as many steps as the wolf calls. However, when the wolf calls “Dinner time”, he turns around and chases the other players who have to get back to the end of the floor without getting caught. The one who is caught becomes a wolf and the game starts again.

pirate’s treasure
The children are organized into teams of five. Team members sit one behind the other in a row of chairs, facing the game leader. (for example, 35 chairs arranged 5 rows deep and 7 wide). The teams are numbered and one child from each team is selected to be the spokesperson. The leader begins, “Row number (x) stole the pirate’s treasure?” That whole row stands up and says together”No sir, we don’t sir…” and the spokesman finishes by saying “Test row (x).” That row then gets up and repeats, and so the game goes on until one row errs by not getting up fast enough or saying the wrong thing, etc. (The more pedantic you make the rules, the better). makes a mistake goes to the final row, while the other rows move up to fill the space, changing their number.

Mrs. McGinty’s shopping bag
Boys are placed on a minimum of two teams, but can be more reliant on numbers. A leader should start with the first member of each team giving everyone something that he would buy in a store, i.e. bread, milk, liquid detergent, etc. Once everyone has received an item, the leader goes to the other end of the aisle and sits on a steak. The leader tells a story using the items they just mentioned, every time their item is mentioned, they have to run to the leader and tie him back to his seat before the other teams come back. The story can be as long or as short as needed, but everyone should have a turn. It usually ends with everyone running at once.

bring to me
Divide the children into teams and then number them from 1 to 10, etc. Then a leader stands at the end of the aisle and yells “number 1, bring me a white sock”, so all the number ones have to bring a white sock to the leader. The item brought in can be anything inside the room or in an easily accessible area, ie bathrooms, stage area, and sometimes the kitchen.

Dwarves, Knights and Giants
This game is like a giant version of rock, paper, scissors. There are actions that are required for this game. Dwarf consists of crouching, for a knight you must imitate riding a horse, and the giant action is simply stretching your arms above your head. Dwarves beat giants, giants beat knights, and knights beat dwarves. The group is divided into two and each team is assigned one end of the corridor. They get together and decide what action they are going to perform (the whole team does the same). The teams then gather in the center of the room. They line up facing each other with a meter between lines. The leader then yells “3,2,1, GO!” Each team performs its action. The team whose action wins chases the other team. Trying to fool as many people as possible. Those who are caught become part of the other team. The game just repeats itself.

cat and mouse
Make a grid with the children, ask them to extend their arms (touching the fingertips of the neighbors) so that this forms a maze of alleys that the children can run through. The leader chooses a boy to be a mouse and a boy to be a cat, the cat chases the mouse through the alleys until he catches them. As the cat and mouse scamper, the leader yells change to the children lining the alleys. This means that the children have to turn around (90ยบ) to now form vertical corridors instead of horizontal ones.

Indiana Jones
Two rings of children standing. One inside the other with both rings facing each other, creating a circular corridor. The Earth ball on one side (inner corridor) and a child playing Indiana Jones on the other. The children have to roll the ball down the hall chasing Indiana Jones.

donkey bombers
Two teams choose a donkey (leader?) (or two) who sit about 10 m apart balancing a plastic cup on their heads. The remaining members of the team sit in random rows in front of “their donkey”. The teams receive a huge stack of newspapers. Teams get a point by knocking over the opposing donkey’s cup. Children must remain seated and can throw paper however they want! – makes a bit of a mess but it’s a lot of fun – play loud music during the game too.

living on an island
Hand out a sheet of newspaper to each team that must have all members stand on it simultaneously without anyone touching the ground. They are then allowed to tear off a piece of their sheet and repeat. The team with the smallest leaf wins.

balloon pop
Seat the children in two rows of chairs facing each other. (Number them along each row “1-2-1-2…etc”). Place Team Captain #1 at one end of the row of chairs and Team Captain #2 at the other end. The boys must bat a balloon with their hands (remaining seated) towards their respective Captain who is standing with a pin. (ie each child is seated between the players of the opposing team).

blind man face to face
The teams are numbered so that each has an opposite number on another team. The leader picks a number… they both have to get blindfolded and then get to a squirt gun in the middle of the room (which you can move after the blindfolds have been put on) the teams yell at their own players. The player who finds the water gun and then hits another player wins a point (time limit).

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