2007 NCAA Big East Football Preview by Vernon Croy

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to rewatch Big East’s next NCAA football season, which is only 65 days away from June 27.

2006 Big East final standings

Equipment Conf. WL WL general

Louisville 6-1 12-1

Rutgers 5-2 11-2

West Virginia 5-2 11-2

South Florida 4-3 9-4

Cincinnati 4-3 8-5

Pittsburgh 2-5 6-6

Connecticut 1-6 4-8

Syracuse 1-6 4-8

2007 Louisville Cardinals preview:

Louisville finished in first place at the Big East in 2006 and they now have a new head coach, Steve Kragthorpe, who is very fortunate to take over a soccer program that will continue to be one of the best programs in the Big East. Brian Brohm is returning as Louisville’s quarterback in his senior year and will definitely be in Heisman’s career this season as he is definitely one of the best quarterbacks in the country. Brohm still has his main targets in Douglas and Urrita in WR and will be at home with Kragthorpe’s extended offense. Louisville loses star running back Michael Bush, so they will go for a committee running back approach this season and also have a new offensive line on the right side of the ball. The Cardinals’ weakness this season will be on defense as they have big holes to fill after losing to CB William Gay and DT Amobi Okoye. Overall, Louisville will be at the top of the rankings once again this season at the Big East and they will almost certainly have another BCS birth.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights 2007 preview:

I have to say that Rutgers were one of my favorite teams in the Big East last season, but this season they will be very lucky to finish in the top 4 in the Big East after losing some key players on both sides of the ball. Some key losses for Rutgers include their emotional leader and FB captain Brian Leonard, All Big East TE Clark Harris and on Defense CB Derrick Roberson. Rutgers returns to their starting QB Teal, who will be very well protected by one of the best offensive lines in college football. Ray Rice is back at RB and once again he will have a great year behind a great O-line. Rutgers also has a lot of speed at the WR position. Look for Rutgers’ weakness this season to be on the defensive after too many losses this season, but you better believe that Coach Schiano will have his team prepared physically and mentally.

West Virginia Mountaineers 2007 preview:

I feel like West Virginia will be the team to beat at the Big East this season. The Mountaineers are happy to have their coach Rodriquez back after speculation the Crimson Tide bought him. West Virginia’s offense will be explosive and fun to watch once again this season with QB White and RB Slaton back at the helm of the offense even after losing their star WR. The Mountaineers had huge problems on Defense last year and you better believe that he has been addressed and cared for by Coach Rodriguez. Expect the Mountaineers to be a powerhouse on both sides of the ball next season and a spot at BCS will present themselves.

South Florida Bulls 2007 preview:

The Bulls return 8 starters in Offense, 7 in Defense and will be in the top 3 in the Big East this season under coach Leavitt. The Bulls have a lot of experience on defense and that will be their strength this season and they should be successful running the ball on offense this season with Ford. QB Matt Grothe had some problems off the field, but that shouldn’t affect him mentally and I’m 100% convinced that he will be as successful as he was last season. Some key losses for the Bulls are WR’s Green and Randolph along with LB Nicholas, but the Bulls will be fine on both sides of the ball and facing WV at home in Week 5 will be a test to see where this show is this season. .

Cincinnati Bearcats 2007 preview:

I got to see the Bearcats firsthand at the International Bowl last season in a game where they should have eliminated Central Michigan, but couldn’t thanks to a defensive collapse. In 2007, their new coach Kelly will make the game plan a little more exciting using the extended offense, but without the talent that this Bearcats team will have for a long season. Bearcats quarterback Grutza has experience, but he’s definitely not a star by any means and it will be the defense that will have to win games for them this season. The Bearcats lost a couple of key players, C Reinstatler, K Lovell and primarily TE Celek, who will be difficult to replace. Look for the Bearcats to finish at the bottom of the Big East in what will be a transitional year for them and the new coach.

2007 Pittsburgh Panthers preview:

Pittsburgh was an underperforming team last season in my opinion and this season they will be on the rise from the Big East base. Thanks to Coach Wannstedt, the recruiting class has been very successful and this will be a very talented Panthers team in 2007. This will be a very young team in 2007, but if they can grow and learn fast, they will definitely have a winning season this year. The QB situation has yet to be addressed to fill Palko’s shoes and they also lost LB Blades and CB Revis so they still have some questions to answer this season, but from what I heard the answers will be there on the part. of the Panthers. First game. Wannstedt is known for his defensive experience and they will be pretty solid on defense this season. Expect Pitt to finish in the top 4 of the Big East this season if young talent can learn fast.

Connecticut Huskies 2007 preview:

The Huskies finished the 2006 season second from the bottom and have been in a downward spiral the last few seasons. For 2007, the Huskies still have too many problems that need to be resolved to get out of the Cellar in the Big East. The Huskies defense was absolutely brutal and it couldn’t be worse this season allowing 180 rpg. The Huskies lost too much experience on defense and this will be a learning year for this team with all the new talent. The Huskies start the season against a few teams that they should be able to beat, so this should help the new guys establish themselves as a team and gain some experience before playing Pitt. Look to the Huskies for 3-5 wins this season and stay at the bottom of the Big East.

Syracuse Orangemen 2007 preview:

Syracuse couldn’t be as bad as it was last season, right? No, it would be almost impossible to be as bad as they were last season and now they have a new QB Robinson who looked great in spring training to lead the offense. Robinson has all the size and skills to turn around this offense in 2007 and has a suitable receiving core to work with. Orangemens’ main problem will be running the ball in attack and without this form of attack they will not open the receivers for Robinson. The Syracuse defense lost a lot of players, but that can’t be a bad thing as the defense just wasn’t good. I have a lot of faith in this quarterback for Syracuse and I hope they come out of the Big East basement this season with possibly 5-6 wins.

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