Student Accommodation Lancashire is located in several different neighborhoods, each with its own Unique Charm and Character

Student Accommodation Lancashire is located in several different neighborhoods

Student accommodation Lancashire is located in several different neighborhoods, each with its own unique charm and character. Whether you want to live right next door to the University of Central Lancashire or be within walking distance of the city centre, we have student houses in Preston to suit your needs.

Home to the Lancashire student accommodation, a leading UK university, Preston is a vibrant city with plenty to see and do. Its diverse culture and lively music scene makes it a great place to be a student, while the city’s shops, restaurants and cafes offer something for everyone. The city also has an abundance of parks and green spaces, including Beacon Fell Country Park, Bowland Wild Boar Park and Turbary Woods Owl & Bird of Prey Sanctuary.

A large part of the local economy is made up by its retail and leisure sector, so it’s not surprising that Preston has a number of well-known shopping centres. These include Broadgate, Fishergate and the historic Miller Arcade, where you’ll find a clutch of specialist shops. The city’s arts and culture scene is thriving too, with numerous theatre and music venues and three cinemas.

The city’s main railway station, Preston Central, offers services to destinations across the north of England. It’s also easy to get around by bus, with both national and local buses serving the city, including Megabus and National Express. There are also excellent road links, with the M6, M61, M62 and M60 all close by.

Student Accommodation Lancashire is located in several different neighborhoods, each with its own Unique Charm and Character

Our selection of Lancashire student accommodation offers everything from en suite rooms to shared flats with modern kitchens and bathrooms. Many of our properties are located within a short walk of the University of Central Lancashire, while others are located in quieter areas where you’ll enjoy some peace and privacy during your studies.

In conclusion, student accommodation plays a vital role in enhancing the overall learning experience for students. It provides a conducive academic environment, fosters peer interaction and collaboration, promotes personal development, ensures safety and security, and supports the health and well-being of students. By offering affordable and convenient living options, student accommodations contribute significantly to the academic success and holistic development of individuals. As educational institutions continue to prioritize student welfare, investing in well-designed and student-centric accommodation options will remain crucial to creating a supportive and thriving learning environment.

Whether you’re looking for a stylish student house with rooftop gardens, or somewhere a bit more traditional, we have options to suit all tastes and budgets. For example, Canterbury Hall offers a choice of ensuite and studio rooms, as well as a cinema room, gym and great social spaces. It’s a 10-minute walk to the university and is close to lots of transport links and supermarkets.

In recent years, purpose-built student housing complexes have gained popularity. These privately-owned accommodations are specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of students. Purpose-built accommodation often boasts modern amenities such as en-suite bedrooms, communal spaces, gyms, study areas, and round-the-clock security. They provide a comfortable and convenient living environment, promoting a balanced and enriching student lifestyle.

Student accommodation can foster a sense of community and belonging among residents. Living in close proximity to fellow students creates opportunities for social interaction, collaboration, and the formation of friendships. Common areas, such as lounges and communal kitchens, encourage socialization and the sharing of experiences. Accommodation providers can also organize community-building activities, such as group outings, workshops, and cultural events, to facilitate meaningful connections and a sense of belonging.

Many of our student houses in Preston offer flexible tenancy agreements, allowing you to choose a contract length that suits you. This is more common in purpose built student apartments than in shared houses, but we can still help you find a property with a fixed term contract if that’s what you prefer.

If you’re looking for a contemporary student house in the heart of Preston, take a look at iQ Kopa. This property has a range of ensuite and private studios as well as a TV and games room, on-site gym and even an onsite shop. It’s a seven-minute walk to the University of Central Lancashire and just a few minutes’ walk from the city centre. It’s sure to be a popular choice for students this year!

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