Natural exercises to enlarge the penis – About Jelqing

Jelqing is a famous natural penis enlargement technique over the years. Sudanese Arabs originally discovered that by “milking” their semi-flaccid penis they could make their penis bigger. Generally, the jelqing method consists of making an “OK” symbol with the right hand, thumb and forefinger; then grasp your non-erect penis firmly on the OK symbol, moving steadily up to the head of the penis. This action will force more blood through your penis, breaking down the tissues just like lifting weights for your arms.

Your penis will be thinner and bigger when the internal tissues repair themselves. This will be the theory. Actually, there are other jelqing techniques as well, but not all jelqing techniques are safe, some are not.

The Jelqing technique has been used for a long time for natural penis enlargement. But the question is whether it will be safe in the long term and will not have any effect on the penis of men. Basically, power jelqing is a technique where you squeeze your penis between two powerful rollers that pull and stretch your penis. This is not safe, for one thing, you don’t have much control of the force used during this jelqing method.

It is important to heat the fabrics before jelqing. It’s like warming up before training at the gym. It can reduce some short-term injuries, such as bruising or pain. We suggest that you always use a damp washcloth or towel to wrap around your genitals before jelqing.

Jelqing and power jelqing is an exercise for the penis. This exercise does not include any weight lifting but the extended form of jelq techniques. Different variations of jelq techniques are the most common penis enlargement exercise that can be taken to a higher level.

However, there are differences between jelqing and penile exercise. For penile exercise, the focus may be on certain aspects of penis enlargement, such as length and girth. But for jelqing, you can’t do this. Jelqing is just a simple penis enlargement exercise in its entirety. You cannot focus on just one part of the penis.

You may understand that jelqing is a complicated task that includes a lot of information, techniques and methods. It is impossible to explain all these things in one article. This article talks about the history of jelqing, the different methods of jelqing, and shortly, penis exercise. We recommend that you learn more about jelqing and natural penis enlargement exercises before attempting to do so. Injuries and long-term effects cannot be ruled out.

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