How Reformer Pilates East Sheen Can Help With Rehabilitation After an Injury

Reformer Pilates East Sheen Can Help With Rehabilitation

If you have suffered an injury it can be frustrating to find yourself out of action and unable to exercise. This can lead to further problems in the long run, especially if you don’t move your body enough and you have a lack of balance and core strength. Pilates has been shown to be very effective for injury rehabilitation and is becoming more and more common in physiotherapy clinics around the world, as well as private practitioners’ studios.

As well as strengthening muscles in areas which support injured joints and tendons, Pilates helps with the psychological aspects of healing too. Studies have shown that stress can actually lengthen the time it takes for wounds to heal and that a focus on the mind and body through Pilates helps people feel they are playing an active role in their recovery, thus reducing stress levels.

In addition to helping to heal injuries, Reformer Pilates East Sheen can also help prevent further injuries as it helps the individual to understand how their body works and how it can be positioned in order to avoid damage. For example, if an individual has bad posture or back issues and attends a Pilates class in Manhattan they will learn how to correct their positioning of the shoulders and spine, enabling them to improve their posture and reduce strain on the afflicted area.

How Reformer Pilates East Sheen Can Help With Rehabilitation After an Injury

If the injury is severe it is important to take an instructor who has undergone specialist training in clinical Pilates, as they are trained to recognise any muscular imbalances and faulty movement patterns and will be able to tailor a programme specifically to your injury. This will ensure you don’t do any exercises which might aggravate your injury further, but that you work carefully within a pain free range of motion to re-build your strength and flexibility.

At Reformer Pilates East Sheen & Richmond we offer specialised one-to-one sessions (private, just you and the teacher) as well as small group classes that are suitable for injuries. These sessions can be adapted to include use of studio equipment, which can challenge balance and control in different ways. This may be by using the springs on the Reformer to increase or decrease the level of difficulty, working with the moving carriage or utilising a variety of tools that can be used for plyometric, functional and weight work to add further challenges.

This type of work can be particularly helpful for those who are recovering from an injury and are returning to sport, whether recreational or professional. It can also be useful for those who are at a lower level of fitness with medical conditions such as osteoporosis, hip replacements or postural issues like scoliosis.

Studios prioritize safety and efficacy, ensuring that participants receive appropriate guidance and support during their workouts. Whether young or old, Reformer Pilates offers a versatile and rewarding exercise experience for anyone looking to enhance their physical fitness and overall well-being.

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