Breast self-exam with partners

Have I lost the plot?

Partners helping with breast self-exams…well, ladies, you probably think I’ve completely missed the point by suggesting that your partners help you with your regular breast self-exams. However… In fact, I think it can be a great idea and I encourage you to think about this option.

First, the fear of my mother

Many women experience deep fear when doing a breast self-exam. This is a very normal and natural feeling and is a real fear for many of us, including my mother.

After talking to my mom about the importance of regular breast self-exams, she went home to try her own. It wasn’t long before she called me, saying that she was simply too scared to begin with. I told her that I hoped she didn’t find a breast lump, but if she did find one, it would at least be smaller than it would be, if she didn’t examine her breasts, and was found at a later date. .

It was a normal feeling for my mother, and it’s one that many others share. We talked about her basics and she went ahead with her breast exam, and she was happy to call me later to tell me that she had completed it.

Feel the fear and do it anyway

Some women would rather not understand breast self-exam, rather than know that they may have signs of breast cancer. They prefer to continue with life, simply without knowing. That fear can have implications for your health. I understand that fear. However, there is a saying, “feel the fear and do it anyway”. I like that saying better. So it’s okay to feel scared, it’s okay to be nervous, but it’s not okay to not do regular breast self-exams.

Once you know when to do a breast self-exam and how to do it, you can cross it off your to-do list. Now it’s a matter of doing them every month and getting to know your breasts. The more you do the breast exam, the more comfortable you will feel. For young adults and teens, breast tenderness can be a problem, so be sure to share this information with them!

grab your partner

Why not ask your partner to help you with the breast exam? Chances are, at this point, they are more familiar with your breasts than you are and may notice the changes sooner. So why not ask them to help you? This will give you support and something of value to finish your breast exam. Having your partner helping you makes everything not seem so scary.

check your partner

Men can get male breast cancer, so your man should also have a regular breast exam. Involving your partner can help you learn about the risks and signs of male breast cancer. The days when men thought breast cancer was just a female disease are over.

Whatever is needed

Hey, I think you have to do whatever it takes to get the job done! Just make sure your partner remembers that the idea is to get a breast exam… if you know what I mean, girls!

I wish you the best in breast health.

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