Aromatherapy through the years

Aromatherapy is something that is used in spas all over the world. It is something that is used to help relax the body and mind, reduce pain and anxiety, and improve the body’s own energy and is something that is very popular nowadays.

It is a complementary therapy, using essential oil blends through a variety of applications and is said to offer the benefits of increased well-being to those who participate in its effects.

Aromatherapy can be as simple as using essential oils in a massage or during a bath or steam. The oils are applied topically or put into water in the case of a bath, and then they go to work releasing their scents and helping you relax.

While going to the spa for a beauty day may be a relatively new thing, aromatherapy has been around for centuries. In fact, ancient civilizations, including the Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Indians, used essential oils in their practices. They knew the benefits of these oils and used them in the preparation of their medicines, perfumes and cosmetics. Also, they realized that certain oils helped in certain situations, while others were better used in other ways, and all of that has trickled down to modern aromatherapy thinking today. Of course, we use essential oils in many different ways now than our ancestors did, but the idea is the same.

Essential oils and aromatherapy have also been used in the medical community. During World War II, for example, the French doctor Jean Valnet began using oils as antiseptics to help the wounded soldiers he cared for.

Today, those plant-based oils and aromatic scents can be used in air diffusion where the entire space is scented, used in direct inhalation to help with respiratory infections, or as a decongestant. We use these essential oils topically as part of a massage or compress, as some oils are known to soften and aid in skin care. You may have your favorite oil, or you may need a specific oil for a specific reason, but the end result will likely be the same. Adding oils and aromatherapy makes people relax, makes them happy, and soothes the soul. They are excellent to help calm down and psychologically they only make you feel better.

So next time you have a spa day, check out aromatherapy, you’ll be glad you did!

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