What Materials Can the Atomstack Laser Engraver Engrave On?

Atomstack Laser

The Atomstack Laser Engraver is a premium machine that is very easy to setup and use. It uses a premium control panel with high quality buttons and display to make it user-friendly. This model also features an offline controller so you can operate the engraver without a computer. This is a great feature to have if you plan on using it for professional or commercial work where you would need to be offsite and can’t take your laptop with you.

This engraver is a diode laser cutter that can etch and cut materials like felt, paper, cardboard, plywood, and leather. It can also cut thin metal sheets up to 0.63 mils thick. It can be used to create labels for products or to make custom signs. The laser has a spot size of 1.05mm, which makes it able to create a deep and accurate engraving. Moreover, it can be upgraded with an air assist kit that increases the power of the laser to up to 33W for more cutting and engraving capabilities.

Unlike other Atomstack Laser Engraver, this one doesn’t come with software. However, it works with the free LaserGRBL and paid LightBurn software programs. LaserGRBL is for Windows and can be used to create designs but doesn’t have the advanced CAD and CAM features of LightBurn.

What Materials Can the Atomstack Laser Engraver Engrave On?

You can connect a laptop to the engraver via a USB cable or an SD card. The engraver also has an LCD screen that displays the status of the machine. It can also detect when a workpiece is out of alignment or if the laser beam is out of focus. It then automatically stops the motors to prevent any injuries or damage. It also has a fire-suppression system to keep it safe from flames and smoke.

In terms of speed, the engraver can produce a 0.5mm line in less than a second. It can also engrave and cut 3mm black acrylic in a matter of minutes. However, it’s important to note that the 0.5mm lines may be slightly uneven if you use the same settings every time.

The Atomstack X30 Pro is an upgrade from the original X20 model. Its powerful laser module has a higher laser power and an improved optical lens, which increases the focusing accuracy. It also comes with a built-in air assist, which reduces charring on the material and helps the machine achieve more precise cuts. The X30 Pro is an excellent choice for professionals who need a reliable, high-performance engraver.

The X30 Pro comes with a 32-bit motherboard, which increases its processing power and provides the highest level of accuracy. Its frame is made from sturdy aluminum alloy, which makes it lightweight and easy to move. Additionally, it has a water-cooled heat sink to ensure that the laser head stays cool and doesn’t overheat. Lastly, it has limit switches on the x- and y-axis to ensure that the machine always starts from the same home position before each engrave or cut.

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