Tribute to Mother’s Day

Mark Twain had an interesting saying. “My mother had a lot of problems with me, but I think she enjoyed it.” Sounds like an excellent description of many moms. They hold on for so long while they never stop loving.

And there are many other things we can say about mothers. In many cases, they gave up their career to raise children. And did you get any thanks for that? Do you ever get the thanks you deserve for all you do for us?

Perhaps it is true that many mothers pull the short straw independently. Is it summarized in the following question and answer? “Does it work, ma’am?” “I am not a housewife”.

And although there are many substitutes for a mother: nanny, nanny, grandmother, godmother and neighbor, there is only one genuine article; a mother is a mother is a mother.

Its value

Someone once calculated the salary that is owed to those moms who do the daily routine of cooking, cleaning, preparing lunches, running school, washing, ironing, shopping, taking the dog to the vet, the children to the ballet and the basketball, babysitting. elderly relative and finishing the task of his offspring. No one could afford it. He is owed a small fortune.

However, from a fiscal point of view, mothers are frequently classified as “intangible labor”. Surely that has to be an oxymoron.

In fact, a recent survey of about 12,000 mothers calculated that for all the time and chores that moms put into working at home, they should be making more than $ 120,000 a year.

But is that the real value of our mom? Can we even think of a price? Just consider what they go through just to become a mother. Many have a hard time waiting. They care about their child before it is born. They may have a long delivery and everything so that we can enter this happy new world.

That alone is worth our undying thanks, but our mom’s true worth is just beginning. As a baby, we are dependent; totally, and so often, sometimes exclusively, of our Mama who feeds us, washes us, bathes us, dresses us, entertains us and takes care of us. We don’t owe him much; just our life.

Its longevity

A mom is always a mom. She is never off duty. You may become a grandmother and start your motherhood again, but you will always treat your child or children like that. She can ask them to leave the nest, throw them away, or beg them to stay, but never forget, she is always your mom.

Some mothers have more than one child. Some have many. And while they may learn various tricks of the mothering trade, with each new baby they just keep going.

Their sacrifices

We have already discussed a mother’s career and the fact that many mothers give up their vocation in whole or in part to become full-time mothers. Then there are many mothers who switch to a less demanding career with work hours that suit their children when they are home from school or on vacation.

And no matter how understanding employers become, no matter how things like job sharing and daycare are available at work, mothers still have decisions to make when it comes to a baby and a job.

And in many cases, mothers who choose to be stay-at-home mothers receive inadequate support from governments and other agencies. Why? What more important job, what more important task can a person do than lovingly raising their child?

The role, responsibility and importance of a mother have never changed, it’s just that many are now expected to do a second job as well. For thousands of years, there were peasants working in the fields who stopped long enough to give birth before returning to their work. For them, there was no hospital bed, no medical staff, and no equipment.

But despite the great advances in medical science, women are still conceiving, pregnant, giving birth and raising their children. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

His wisdom

Bern Williams is quoted as saying, “Sooner or later we all quote our mothers.” If that is true, the question arises why? Are mothers naturally wise? Do you have any special perception of the human condition?

They are certainly wise and we would learn a lot if we just paid attention. Here are some classic examples of mom’s wit and wisdom.

  • My mother taught me about religion when she said, “You better pray the stain will come off the carpet.”

  • My mom taught me to be flexible when she said, “Will you look at the dirt on the back of your neck?”

  • My mother taught me about stamina when she said, “You will sit there until all those vegetables are eaten.”

  • And my mom taught me to be prepared when she said, “Always wear clean underwear in case you get hit by a bus.”

We cannot quantify the debt we owe to our mother, but we can understand when Olive Schreiner said, “There was never a great man who did not have a great mother.”

Happy Mother’s Day (May 13, 2018), to the moms of the world, with everything you do one day is not enough.

In loving memory of my mother, Mrs. Lilly Green Lewis (1924-2007)

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