Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough

Super Mario Sunshine is the best-selling GameCube game, released in 2002. The best way to start a Super Mario Sunshine tutorial is from scratch, so that’s exactly what I’ll do. Like Super Mario 64, you start in a large area – Mario 64 had the big castle, while Mario Sunshine uses the ‘Delphino Plaza’.

The Delphino Plaza is a place full of secrets and hidden areas to explore. For example, there is a secret underground passage that can be accessed by stomping on the large yellow circles on the ground. As you go through the underground maze, you choose to appear in new areas of the map that would otherwise be inaccessible.

There are many characters to interact with in the Plaza, and there is a very special gentleman who has a stand of sunglasses. If you go talk to him after getting 30 glow sprites, he will reward you with a pair of sunglasses, as a thank you for making the area a brighter place (with each sun sprite you collect, the sun gets brighter) . . After defeating Bowser and completing the game (even if you haven’t collected all the glitters), he will once again reward you with a Hawaiian shirt to wear, making the rest of the Super Mario Sunshine walkthrough that much more modern!

Once this is done, you can go and speak to the Pianta near the Ricco harbor level entrance. If you give him 10 coins, he will take you to Delfino’s airstrip, the final level of the game (don’t worry, there are very few enemies to worry about), where you can get the last 120 glitter sprites. .

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