SEO: understanding the reasons for website abandonment

The success of any online business depends on the popularity of the business website. To be successful, business owners must ensure that the website always gets enough visitors. When regular visitors to a site leave and do not visit again in the future, it is called website abandonment. It is not good for any company, as it can damage the image and reputation of the site and the company it represents. Website abandonment also affects a website’s ranking in search engine results. Search engines ignore sites that are abandoned by regular visitors.

To make sure your site ranks favorably in search engines, you need to understand why visitors leave your site. Here are the top 10 reasons for website abandonment:

1) No updated content – when the content of the site is not updated from time to time, the visitors get bored of the website after a certain period of time and leave it.

2) It takes time to load – If visitors find that the site takes too long to load, they will not visit it again. The change in website loading time may be the result of problems with hosting solutions.

3) Too many ads – Visitors do not visit a website that opens too many ads that may not allow them to freely navigate the website.

4) Uninspiring content – If the content of the site is not inspiring enough, Internet users will not visit the website again.

5) Difficult to navigate – users also leave websites that are difficult for them to navigate.

6) Unattractive design – If the design and layout of the site cannot attract the attention of the visitors, they will leave it in no time.

7) hard on the eyes – Sometimes visitors find the design and color of the website too harsh on their eyes and so they abandon it.

8) Copied content – if they discover that the website content has been copied from other sites, they will leave it and navigate to the original website.

9) Malware and viruses – If they feel that the website has been downloading viruses and malware onto their systems, they will not visit it again.

10) lose interest – Visitors can also leave the website if they lose interest in the business.

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