Selling Fees on eBay: Get the Facts About PayPal Insertion, Final Value, and Fees

Many people and businesses use eBay to sell products on a regular basis. Most full-time sellers know that selling products on eBay comes at a price. It is critical that even the occasional seller know the true costs of selling an item on eBay. Those who don’t are often surprised by PayPal’s cost, eBay’s insertion fee, and eBay’s final value fee.

PayPal fees for selling on eBay

PayPal works closely with eBay to accommodate buyers and sellers in simple online transactions; however, they are not free to use! Expect to pay PayPal 2.9 percent and 30 cents per transaction each time sales are made. It doesn’t matter if you are selling an item for 99 cents or $ 1,000, it works the same! PayPal charges a fixed amount for each money exchange.

To be clear, this 2.9 percent and 30 cents per transaction is taken from the final value of the item being sold, including shipping as well. For example, if you sell a product for $ 100 and charge $ 15 for shipping, you will be charged 2.9 percent of $ 115 plus 30 cents on top. In this case, your total PayPal fee would be $ 3 and 64 cents.

EBay posting fee

Each time a product is listed for sale on eBay, a charge may be incurred; It all depends on how you list the item! Currently, if you were to start your listing at any price as an auction, your first 50 listings have no insert fee. Once you exceed that amount, you will be charged an insertion fee, depending on what price you start with for your auction. Currently, this amount ranges from 10 cents to $ 2.

If you were to include your item on a “Buy It Now” or fixed price list, you will be charged a flat fee of 50 cents, no matter where you choose to start your list price.

Also, you need to be careful about how many eBay “updates” you choose for each listing. If you had the title in bold, increased the duration of the listing to 10 days, used a subtitle and many more plugins, you will be charged small increases in your insertion fee.

EBay Final Value Fee

EBay’s Final Value Fee is a percentage of the total sales price plus the shipping fee. This is often the most expensive part of the 3 types of eBay fees, so you need to make sure you are careful and don’t forget this one.

EBay’s Final Value Fee is determined by whether you list your item at auction or the “Buy It Now” price. If you choose an auction style listing, you will be charged a flat rate of 9 percent with a total charge of no more than $ 250. If instead you list your item at a fixed “Buy It Now” price, your rate is based on the product category you are listing. These are the current categories: (1) electronics (2) clothing, shoes, and accessories (3) books, DVDs, movies, music, and video games; (4) and all other categories. Your total ending value fee will be determined by what you choose to sell!

My eBay Fee Notice

Regular eBay users must know eBay fees so well that they rarely need to look at them on the eBay website. It is recommended to use an eBay fee calculator to get a quick and accurate fee estimate. In addition, you will be able to “observe” an item and quickly run the numbers in your head. Often times, if you take 10 percent as a rough estimate for all listings, you can quickly guess the fees. I refer to this as the “10 percent rule,” which allows sellers to quickly get a rough estimate of eBay and PayPal fees for any item sold. In most cases, it will only increase or decrease a percentage point or two in your estimate!

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