Search Engine Optimization: Five Techniques to Boost Search Engine Optimization

When you have a website, the only thing you have to have to survive is traffic and the best type of traffic you can have is natural traffic. Two reasons for this are that you have driven traffic to your site and you did not get paid for the traffic. However, it can be difficult to see your website at the top of the search results with the keywords you have. Here are five search engine optimization tips that you can use to drive traffic to your website with your improved rankings.

Meta tags

When you write your meta tags (your title tag and description tag), you need to put keywords in them, usually near the beginning and more than once. Make sure to use those keywords because search engines will use their prominence, density, and weight to determine where the website will rank.

– Keyword salience is how soon you use your keyword.

– Keyword density is the ratio in which the keyword is used among the other words.

– Keyword weight is the number of times you use a keyword and / or phrase on the page.

When talking about search engine optimization, be sure not to use keywords and avoid using words like “or”, “the” and “and”.

Have navigation links to the right or bottom, never to the left of the page

Did you know that search engines read your website from top left to bottom right? When it comes to SEO, search engines will generally give preference to the first 100 words on a page, so you don’t want it to be javascript or navigation links. Make sure your keywords are in the heading tags as well.

Have alternate tags on your images

When you are optimizing a website, remember that search engine spiders cannot read images and images. Spiders can only tell what your picture / image is by reading your alt tag. Include keywords in the HTML line so that you can improve the weight and keyword density of your website.

Place your keywords at the bottom of the page

When talking about SEO and websites, you have to remember that spiders will take a look at the words at the beginning and end of the text and give them more preference. When you’re writing an article, keywords should be used prominently in these areas. Do not put javascript or navigation links at the bottom of the page if you want to rank high in search engines. Another search engine optimization method is to place keywords after your page’s copyright date.

Anchor texts

What is an anchor link? It is the actual link text on a website; this is what a visitor will click on to take them to the page they want. Having a lot of links related to your website can have a huge impact on your SEO ranking. Make sure your anchor text includes keywords / phrases.

You may think that effective SEO is difficult to achieve. However, with these five tips, you can have an easy impact on your search engine ranking.

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