Prepaid Legal Leads: An Overview of Generating Prepaid Legal Leads

Pre-Paid Legal is a company founded in 1972 that provides the common person a variety of legal services for a low monthly fee. The company claims that because 71% of American households needed legal assistance in the past 12 months, its services help lower the cost of expensive legal fees by providing a monthly fee and a guarantee of service to its clients.

Additionally, Pre-Paid Legal offers a network marketing opportunity for those looking to start a home business.

One of the biggest problems for network marketers is determining where to get leads for their new business. Seasoned and newbie marketers alike often rely on friends and family to start their business, and once their “warm market” is fully tapped, they become frustrated and often quit. This article aims to describe the opportunity with a company like Pre-Paid Legal, and also to discuss the various ways any network marketer can get leads from Pre-Paid Legal.

How the prepaid legal service works

Pre-Paid Legal works in much the same way as HMO or medical reimbursement plans. “Members” purchase a legal spending plan for about $ 26 per month and receive access to legal services. At this time, the company serves approximately 1.4 million families in North America.

Network marketers can join the opportunity by investing $ 249 in the company. In return, reps receive sales help and support, field training, home office support, marketing supplies, and associated services online.

How to Get Prepaid Legal Leads

Although joining the opportunity is fairly inexpensive, one of the biggest questions new network marketers end up asking is, “How can I recruit more members in my downline to really make money?”

It is true that you need to build a deep network of representatives to make this type of opportunity pay off. But how do you reach these untapped markets of home-based entrepreneurs?

First, it is important to understand the difference between paid and unpaid leads. Paid leads can be purchased in bulk from lead generation companies. This can be a good option for extremely busy people with a lot of capital. But the danger of paid leads is that you never know where they come from or how they were generated. There have been many horror stories of network marketers spending a lot of money on leads, only to find that those prospects weren’t warm, or had already been exploited multiple times by network marketers before. That is simply a waste of time and money.

Getting leads depends on a few things. First is a strong web presence and an understanding of basic SEO and driving traffic. The second is a fantastic web design. Once people find your site, getting them to sign up with a great site design and incredible offer is key. A third element is social networks, blogs and forums. Being part of an online community is a great way to spread word of mouth about your opportunity and reach those who are looking for an opportunity like yours.

Ultimately, most newcomers (and even seasoned reps) struggle with lead generation, and it really is one of the most important aspects of building a successful network marketing business. But it is possible to learn these skills and develop the techniques necessary to create high-quality leads yourself. By leveraging your online presence, you can learn to reach thousands of people each day and add reps to a profitable downline.

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