Obama and Buffett: Learn What You Have In Common With Them So You Can Make Money Quickly

This is NOT a political article. Whether you like Obama or not, whether you voted for Obama or not, there is a lesson to be learned. Please note that this is NOT a children’s story. Whether you believe in Superman or not, there is a lesson to be learned.

Note that this is not a basic manual on the stock market. Whether you invest in the stock market or not, there is a lesson to be learned.

Let’s start with Warren Buffett. There is at least ONE idea that he shares with the greatest investor of all time.

Let’s see this ONLY idea that he shares: BUY LOW SELL HIGH.

When times are dire, Warren Buffett buys. He doesn’t just SAY “Buy low, sell high”, he actually DOES.

You KNOW “Buy low, sell high”, the purpose of this article is to let you see if you BELIEVE it and if you are prepared to DO something about it.

Prices are LOW only when there is a problem. Smart investors look at low prices and decide:

  • feel good; Y
  • invest at astonishingly low prices.

People who just freak out with headlines and freak out:

  • feel bad; Y
  • see only the problem, not the low prices.

So what do you and Warren Buffett have in common? Both you and he know the rule: “Buy low, sell high.” Warren Buffet invests when prices are low. Will you follow their lead and feel happy now that prices are low or will you just see the problem and freak out?

Maybe you already freaked out. Well, let me confess that I too freaked out and didn’t know what to do for a short time in September 2008 when the markets started to crash. But, I quickly remembered what I already knew and what Warren Buffett is a model of: buy low sell high.

I am not asking you to necessarily buy stocks, mutual funds, real estate, etc. right now. However, I am asking you to feel GREAT that the economy is poised to grow dramatically from these current depths. NOW is the time to feel good. NOW is the time to prepare for great investment deals. NOW is when the greatest opportunities arise.

Now let’s look at Obama and Superman Obama is not Superman. Don’t waste time waiting for him to fly to save you. Some think Obama will be a great president; others think it will fail. Some think Obama has valid financial ideas; Others do not. Regardless, he is the president and will do what he does.

That is the point. He will do what he does and will NOT fly home to save him. There is only one person who has that job: YOU.

Obama feels that YOU are Superman, and certainly not himself. He knows he’s not Superman. But, a wonderful aspect of Obama’s character is that he definitely knows that YOU are the one who can save yourself. You are the one who can overcome your current situation. You are the one who can learn your lessons and become greater than you are today.

One of my favorite Obama quotes is: CHANGE IS NOT COMING FROM WASHINGTON, CHANGE IS COMING TO WASHINGTON. Metaphorically, it means that only YOU can change for yourself, for the nation and for the world. Start with yourself.

How can you start to become your own superman, your own Warren Buffett? Your job is not only to KNOW the motto “buy low, sell high”; rather it is your job now to DO “buy low sell high”. Notice what GOOD investments are absurdly low right now and then grab them instead of being scared like everyone else.

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