Motorcycle History: Fun Facts For Kids

Kids, the first motorcycle sold was a Hildebrand and Wolfmuller. This was in 1894 when many children were riding bicycles …

Engines and frames

Bicycle companies put a new invention, the internal combustion engine, on their bicycles.

When the new engines got more powerful, standard bike frames, wheels, and chains couldn’t handle them.

Bicycle builders decided to make steel frames. The steel frames did the job in much the same way as they do today.

Most popular motobikes

Before World War I, the largest motorcycle company in the world was Indian Motors. They produced 20,000 motorcycles a year.

By 1920, Harley-Davidson was selling more street bikes in more than 67 countries.

Today, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha are the most popular with enthusiasts. Harley-Davidson continues to be a driving force in the United States.

BMW, KTM, Triumph, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and Ducati are also popular new street rides to buy …


Coloring pages for children, a steel or aluminum frame contains modern motorcycle parts and accessories.

Telescopic forks hold the front wheel and disc brakes. Expect a one to six cylinder gasoline engine.

The engine is mated to a five- or six-speed manual sequential transmission with a rear wheel mounted to the swingarm via a chain, driveshaft, or belt.

A wind tunnel helps engineers mimic real-life driving conditions. Different racing speeds test seats and body positions.

Experts can judge the best riding positions for racing bikes, off-road bikes and street bikes …

Accessories and equipment

Several modern motorcycle accessories are designed for comfort:

A “fairing” is a plastic or fiberglass shell. Fits over the front frame of the bike. A fairing helps to move the cycle smoothly and protects the engine in the event of an accident. Fairings at tourist attractions improve your comfort and alertness on long routes. They reduce strong wind, cold and rain on your body …

The “windshields or windshields” are integrated into a fairing or attached to a motorcycle without a fairing. They are made of high impact transparent plastic. They direct the flow of air over or around your head. If you want to raise and lower your windshield with the push of a button, get a power windshield.

Saddlebags or saddlebags rest on either side of the rear wheel to carry parts, tools, and / or travel gear.

The “Heated Grips and Heated Seats” keep you warm in the cold and during night rides.

The “luggage racks” eliminate the need for backpacks. They are a safer way to add payload capacity to your rocket cycle …

A “Sidecar” is a partially covered one-wheel seat. The sidecar attaches to the side of your motorcycle. Your older sister can sit and travel with you. Just remember to bring her back.

A “trunk” is a storage box. Above and behind the seat the boot is mounted …

Motorcycle Clubs

Clubs and organizations are popular. You can meet new kid cyclists, their friends and their families.

Clubs are organized by country, state, city, and neighborhood. Individual motorcycle brands or motorcycle models have fan clubs.

You can join, if you qualify, groups like the American Motorcycle Association, the Harley Owners Group, the Moto Guzzi National Owners Club, and the Gold Wing Road Riders …

We will conclude it …

Kids on motorcycles, boys, they did a good job. Did you learn about the motorcycle:

  • Inventions
  • Clubs
  • Accessories and equipment
  • Parties
  • Popular Motorcycles
  • Engines and frames

Now you can give good answers to questions about the history of motorcycles. The end.


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