Meeting your mom

Someone I can associate with since my inception. We had an interesting start to the journey – I can still remember how each feeling lived during that time, went through a roller coaster of emotions – anxiety, depression, joy and pain completely. He did not know me very well but he fed me and loved me selflessly, he gave me his full attention, he also told me all his secrets, he cried and laughed. I couldn’t respond much except kick legs, but I was able to listen and empathize – we were the best of friends and I used up all their time!

Then I was born and I brought him enormous pain, he struggled for hours until I came out, boy! Was it difficult to come out of the closet?

She took me in her arms and cried, that was the first time I saw her face and I fell in love with her. I was introduced to a plethora of people, some warm and some not so warm, I mean there are all kinds. J She protected me from everyone and everything. She will take care of all my tantrums, even at supernatural hours.

Moving on, I was growing fast and everything around me was changing, there was one thing, which was constant: his love and support, which kept me going and helped me when I failed. She taught me life lessons with examples and never imposed her beliefs on me, instead encouraging me to establish my own set of principles and values. This is how he raised me.

We would eat, study, and play together; she would sacrifice everything to make sure my life was smooth. So, I made some friends at school and I would love to play with them. Studies took over and I was completely absorbed in my curriculum. My friends and my studies became issues in my life, but she continued to be extremely supportive.

I went to college and got a boyfriend; I have grown up admiring his relationship with my father, how he has played such a vital role in keeping the family together. I jumped in to marry my girlfriend from college and guess who was happier than me next to me: My mother!

Now she is getting old and is dyeing her gray strands black and I am aware that it is not going to be physically forever and it is going to be miserably painful. I sit and think

Have I expressed enough that I am eternally grateful for what she has done for me?

Have I met your expectations?

Have I offered my company to share their joys and sorrows?

Did I cheer you up when you were depressed?

Have I been a good daughter to her?

Have I made her laugh enough?

Did I tell you that I value our relationship more?

Did I mention that I stumbled countless times and just your thought kept me going?

Have I indicated that she has been an inspiration to me?

Did I tell you that? I love her

So, I have decided to make her feel special every day of my existence and do you have it?

Happy mother’s day J

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