Jungle Quest game review

The fountain of youth had eluded many, if not all, who tried to search for it, but even so, the legend is still fresh in people’s imaginations. In the game Jungle Quest, you are tasked with searching once again for this famous legend, through a match-3 puzzle installment from Alawar Games.

In Jungle Quest, you play the role of Cathie Jones as she tries to discover and find the fountain of youth. An epidemic had spread throughout their area and various disasters had been occurring throughout the land. To save humanity, the only solution is to find this source that can cure everything. And with her grandmother’s faithful diary in hand, she sets out on her own adventure filled with unknown dangers later on.

The actual game mechanics follow the traditional match 3 rules where you are supposed to match 3 gems of the same color by exchanging them with adjacent gems. Your goal is to collect all the crystals available on the board within the specified time limit. The crystals are embedded in gems and essentially you just have to destroy the gems to powder before you can collect all the crystals.

Completing the level in a faster time will award you medals depending on how well you did in the final round. Various trophies are also awarded as rewards for achieving various milestones set by the game. I liked this feature because it encourages the player to get better at challenges, and with Jungle Quest’s flat difficulty curve, most low-level trophies can already be collected during the first few levels.

Power-ups are also available, but you must purchase them from the store before you can use them on the next level. Purchasing items from the shop requires gold, and using these power-ups requires mana. Both coins and mana can be collected faster by playing skillfully through the levels. And while some of the power-ups are pretty useless, most of the stronger ones are very effective in handling you through the later levels of the game.

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