How to write engaging and satisfying stories

Both structure and content inform each other as a story unfolds. The structure consists of the storyboard of scenes that propel a story to its conclusion. It is the framework, the scheme, the scaffolding for the decisions of what to present. The content consists of actions that the characters perform in particular environments. These are the events that give life to relationships and suspense to structure.

To build an engaging and satisfying story, superimpose a myth as a superstructure. It will act as mile markers on a highway. Below is an example from the Caucuses consisting of thirteen movements from a powerful and ultimately satisfying history of arrogance and punishment. It predates the Greek legend of Prometheus, who stole fire and was chained to a rock.

While battling evil spirits in his search for a girlfriend, his two brothers were killed and Amirani attempted suicide, but discovered to his dismay that he had come back to life. Thereafter, Amirani gave up his search for a wife and, empowered by the supreme God, took another Giant. It is swallowed by the Black Dragon. Amirani slices through the dragon’s belly and exits, and then confronts the supreme god. In response to his insolence, God punished him in three stages: he tied Amirani to a post driven deep into the ground; second, God, buried him with chains under a mountain pass, which formed a dome in the shape of a cave over him; and third, during one night a year, the mountain opened to reveal Amirani suspended in midair where a human tried in vain to free him, and the mountain closed again as a result of excessive chatter from women.

In this example, the first move in the story is “While fighting evil spirits in their search for a girlfriend, his two brothers were killed.” The story you are writing should reveal evil spirits: are they evil policemen, criminals, corrupt officials, etc.? Who or what is the bride? -A woman, a good career, a happy life, money, etc.? Who are your two brothers and how were they killed?

Filmmakers remove movement from stories by filming locations and interviewing actors. They are drawing the settings and the characters. For settings, I consider the mood and places accessible to me for visits. For the characters, I use models of people I have met and adapt them to emphasize a particular characteristic. To make the settings and characters more real, I download images and build collages. I give them a speech by writing on a normal day in which they are introduced to another character.

Collages and sketches report events and events are organized into scenes and chapters.

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