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It is known as ‘The Sunshine State’ and is bordered by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Some see it as the American tropics, others see it as a way of life that is not subject to the decay or stress of modern life. It is the state that was once said to be the location of the fountain of youth that led to its discovery, and is also the site of one of the largest and most famous theme parks in the world. It is the place that almost everyone dreams of; It’s Florida, vacation paradise.

Due to the options, it may not be as easy to get to Florida as you think, with the main hurdle being deciding where you would like to go. Think golden stretches of sand literate with smiling people, all frolicking in the hot sun; think coral reefs and great diving opportunities; think sport fishing with the catch of the day being sailfish and tuna. Perhaps, if that doesn’t appeal to your senses, why not just kick back on Pine Key and spend the hours until the sun dips behind the horizon, taking the last vestiges of daylight with it and ushering in the hours. of fun? full of tropical night.

For those who are not informed about the various international attractions that Florida has to offer. Miami Beach is a city unto itself and should not be confused with Miami, which is a city of its own. It has been a popular beach tourist destination for nearly a century with South Beach, also known as ‘SoBe’ and ‘The Beach’ as ​​one of its most popular destinations. For history and culture buffs, Miami Beach’s Art Deco District was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979 and is one of the largest collections of Art Deco architecture in the world.

Disney World Resort is said to be the largest and busiest resort in the world. Among its various wonders and attractions, Disney World (also known as ‘WDW’) has numerous malls, restaurants, shops, hotels, as well as two water parks and four theme parks. At its height, the Walt Disney World Resort occupied an area twice the size of Manhattan. Florida Keys, the dream setting for a romantic vacation and indeed featured in many movies from a variety of genres.

The Keys are part of an archipelago of 1,700 islands, but have been grouped into five main destinations, each with the ability to cater to even the most nervous tourist. All of these Keys are connected by a bridge that makes it possible to travel by car to your destination of choice and sets the stage for an incredible road trip for those wishing to drive the 100+ miles from one end to the other.

Daytona Beach is a city famous for two things: gloriously popular stretches of pearly white sand and some of the meanest rubber-burning racing machines on the planet. Yes, Daytona is home to both NASCAR and the Grand American Road Racing Association and hosts a variety of events for just about every vehicle that connects to mother earth with rubber. Also, Daytona Beach is said to be one of the most popular beaches in the world with over 8 million visitors a year. With so many great options, a Florida vacation is truly a vacation like no other. Florida is a state of astonishing variety.

Take your time and be sure to vacation there. You will be so glad you did.

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