E-commerce and the music industry

Music can really make the world go round. Music has the ability to bring people together in a single thought, be it peace, harmony, joy, or a specific cause, and it has changed the word one song at a time. But music used to be limited and unappreciated by many. Not because the music was of poor quality then, but because it was not as accessible as it is today. Today we have the freedom to have access to all kinds of music through the help of technology, therefore the awareness and recognition of the music industry has grown significantly in such a short time.

Long before the Internet had its glory, music was confined to a smaller audience. Some of the most powerful songs ever written were sung and played underground for fear of other bigger problems like communism, capitalism, and war. With the emergence of e-commerce, the world became a gigantic playground for music of different ages, settings, and styles. E-commerce has opened a new avenue for music to be heard in other places where it can be fully appreciated. Buying music online has become so easy and fast that it has broken down the barriers not only of geography but also of culture. When music started its way online, it became a new for-profit industry.

Little did we know then that the music industry would be as big as it is now? Today, song sales on iTunes, eBay, and Amazon run into billions of dollars a day, and that alone counts for the United States. Stars like Coldplay and Beyonce have been born through ecommerce. These artists might have been famous only in their countries, but the internet has made them international superstars because e-commerce has allowed their songs to be bought by anyone around the world. Even the smallest independent artists and underground bands can now showcase their talents online through e-commerce, giving every artist the opportunity to succeed where the music field is a little more level.

Buying songs online has also allowed the consumer more freedom to choose which songs they want to spend on. In the old days songs had to be purchased with the entire album, but today you can purchase the song individually. This has increased sales more than ever. Not only are the songs available, but they will be as soon as the album is released. This makes them available online to anyone around the world as soon as the song comes out. This feature of e-commerce helps make music more competitive and efficient globally. There is no more discrimination as to who and when this song can only be heard.

However, some negative effects have also affected the music industry. Because the Internet is so accessible and easy to use, the sharing of illegal downloads has also flourished. This development slows down the profits of e-commerce because now, music can be taken for free. Current ways to control this phenomenon are being tested.

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