Chronicles of Madness – Episode 23

In our Madness Chronicles episode 23, we’ll take a look at the insanity in the destruction of American history. Remember, insanity is an especially severe state of mental illness, extremely foolish behavior, and a state of frenzied or chaotic activity. Let’s take a look at the evidence for our maddening war against history coming from the left.

In the Big Apple, the New York City Council has voted to remove the Thomas Jefferson statue from City Hall. Why? He is racist. In Portland, Oregon, where they love Antifa, they brought down a statue of George Washington. Of course, they wrapped George in an American flag and burned it first. Can you imagine if these ‘oppressed’ people did that in a genuinely oppressed country?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has ordered all portraits of former House speakers removed because, well, they’re all racist. The Berkeley (CA) school system is renaming the Jefferson and Washington elementary schools. They have decided that they should bear the name Black Lives Matter (BLM). Interestingly, one of the founders recently announced that “we are trained Marxists.”

Our acclaimed sports figures, of course, are offended by everything. Oklahoma State All American running back Chubba Hubbard refused to play unless coach Mike Gundy apologized for wearing, get this, a One America News Network jersey. What a terrible thing for Coach Gundy. Coaches, check with the players before dressing in the morning.

Loudmouth Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, a millionaire in his twenties who has yet to meet on the football field, said, kneeling before every NFL game this year. He doesn’t care if he loses fans. Moving on to that fantastic utopia in Austin, Texas, we hear the football players at the University of Texas push their school. That would be the school giving them a free education to play with a ball. They say they will not play if their demands are not met. They just want a portion of the football proceeds turned over to BLM each year and stop chanting the Texas Eyes after the games and let’s see, they want their football stadium to be renamed. What if everyone goes to a different school?

There is madness everywhere. NASCAR announced that there will be no more Confederate flags at NASCAR events. NASCAR leaders completely forget what gave them the millions they now enjoy and control. The country music group Lady Antebellum no longer exists. Call them Lady A because they are not going to be perceived as racist.

Left-wing mobs vandalizing our cities have attacked churches and synagogues across the country in recent weeks. But guess that? No mosques. Makes you wonder who is supporting all this violence? These riots closely resemble the Arab Spring of 2010, which was actually an event organized with the backing of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Not to be outdone, NFL commissioner Roger Goodall publicly apologized for not listening to Colin Kapernaek and supporting BLM’s cause. Of course, movie producer Spike Lee said it wasn’t an apology at all. Goodall went on to say that he would like Kapernaek to be part of the NFL organization and help direct the funding the league gives to the underdog. I will ask the question that most are thinking. Exactly how will that work from your $ 8 million home? And what exactly qualifies you to be the 2020 NFL Mr. Oppression? He was adopted, raised by a white family, has a college degree, and is a millionaire. Umm?

Let’s go back a bit in history. Who exactly goes in and erases the story? We know that Lenin did it, and Stalin behind him. We know Pol Pot did it. And, of course, Fidel, the Taliban, and Islam have been perfecting the art for centuries. Everything is insane.

May we wake up from this madness before it is too late. I wish you good health and until next time have fun, enjoy life and beware of the madness among us. It’s getting out of control.

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