4 Surprising Facts About Self-Help Credit Repair – Speed ​​Up Your FICO Score Yourself

In this article we are going to cover some amazing facts about self help credit repair. Many people are SO confused about credit repair in general that they are completely surprised when they discover how easy it can be to do it themselves. If you think you MAY fall for this boat, then read on as we shed some important light on this murky ground in a Q&A format, as many of you have requested!

Credit Repair Is Illegal, Deceptive And Difficult – Leave It To The Professionals!

Do you really believe this? I hope not because it’s simply NOT true! Credit repair is EASY, legal, straightforward, and can be done VERY effectively by the average person in a reasonably short amount of time.

I’m scared because credit repair involves going to court and facing the judge

Are you kidding me? You’ve been watching TOO MUCH of Judge Judy! Listen to me: there is NO judge. No jury No short parking pass. No one in ANY dress at all. (other than what he can use on his kitchen table when he completes the disputes… 🙂

Ok, ok… but I can’t afford to pay the filing fees. How much is it going to cost me?

My dear friends, credit repair… when you do it for yourself and for yourself, it’s almost free! You have the cost of materials like paper and pens, you ALREADY have a computer if you’re reading this article, and a little book of 20 stamps should cover you and then some! Of course, I recommend that you LEARN what you’re doing first, which means investing in some books or a home study course on credit repair… but this won’t cost you more than a cheap dinner and a movie to 4… .and it’s NOT even necessary if you can’t afford it!

I’m convinced! When should my results come back? One year? Six months?

No way! The FCRA requires that credit reporting agencies MUST investigate and inform you of your dispute within a “reasonable” amount of time. Current accepted practice is 30 days! Remember, you’re going to file MORE than one dispute (especially if your credit is really terrible), but that’s okay! You should start seeing results within 45 days of submitting your first research request! If you LEARN the scenery correctly…you should see a GOOD hit on your fico a SHORT month after dropping your challenge in the mailbox. And for those of you who NEED to improve your score fast… these are really exciting times… 🙂

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