3 tips for virtual network conferencing

Increasing online conference attendance could be our next new normal. In addition to being financially beneficial, these digital events offer more time (before and after) for participants to connect. Whether you are hosting or attending a virtual networking conference, be prepared to make the most of your desired connections.

Listed below are 3 tips to maximize your presence and value for your next online role.

# 1: the playing field

Select digital conferences that offer platforms and ways to connect before the event happens. This can mean downloading an app, joining a virtual group, or connecting through social media. Be active in connecting and learning about other attendees, host organizations, and activities before the event. Also, feel free to reach out to other colleagues and make a smooth virtual presentation. This is another way of being intentional in building your networks. Don’t just rely on email notifications or registration reminders.

# 2: game plan

Once you’ve made some preliminary connections, map out your plan for the virtual conference. What sessions do you want to attend? What speakers are you interested in hearing / seeing? What topics are you interested in learning? What organizations or companies would you like to connect with during the event? Please consider these questions to be strategic in your networking goals / objectives. Do not hesitate to contact the organizer or organization hosting the event. They can offer additional information and guidance for your plan.

# 3: Home

Once you’ve created the ideal plan, it’s time to execute it. Follow your proposed agenda and keep reaching out to the people and companies participating in the event. During the conference, post / share photos, information and other relevant information through social media channels. This is a great form of engagement, branding, and marketing. This tactic can also strengthen your fingerprint.

Last but not least, be sure to continue your networking by following up. This involves completing a survey after the event, reaching out to your contacts, and signing up for additional information.

Take advantage of these helpful tips to get the most out of your networking schedule. Do your due diligence and focus on preparing, planning and executing your process. Find the value of developing and growing viable networks.

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