3 Great Genres Of Date Night Movies That Aren’t Romantic Comedies

We live in quite busy times, and one of the hardest things to do is spend quality time together. While it’s easy to turn this into a discussion about social constructs and the lack of communication between people, it’s also a time to think about one of the great by-products of our busy world: “date nights” and late night movies. Even if the week has been hectic, we know we can wait at least one night to let our hair down and have fun.

Late night movies are key to making this special night even more impactful because you want a movie that sets a tone or even a mood. Perhaps this is why romantic comedy (“rom-com”) is so popular with couples looking to have a good time at the movies while still maintaining a bit of romance. Even this, it seems, is changing.

More couples are looking for film footage more noble than the “paint by numbers” nature of their standard romantic comedy. They value the importance of a movie’s topic and subsequent conversation, or at least something completely unorthodox. As such, here are three other movie genres worth considering when planning your next date night:

1. Horror Movies: You are correct in thinking that the idea of ​​watching a horror movie for a special night with your significant other doesn’t seem like a great idea, at least on the surface. But remember that some of the best horror movies made today are grounded in current social issues, which can start some deep conversations. Other horror movies are just terrible movies that are easy to play, especially if you have a partner in crime!

2. Science fiction – OK. This may be on everyone’s list as nothing more than nerdy territory to be avoided at all costs, especially during a date. But for the record, let it be known that 1) the nerds got their revenge at least three times; and 2) science fiction has been the genre of films and literature that has selected the greatest minds of any age. If you need a movie that broadens your horizons and creates the platform of ideas for discussion and debate, this is it. So, ditch the outdated categorization of “nerd” and get down to business with some sci-fi.

3. Musicals: If you still need the romantic leads and comedic interludes, but are hungry for fun tunes and phenomenal dance sequences, you might be in the mood for a spectacular musical. Not only does it have a long history of hit musicals during Hollywood’s ‘Golden Age’, but recent films have shown a resurgence in the genre’s popularity and the ability to connect with new audiences. Who knows? Both of you may be willing to participate in singing and dancing!

Date night movies don’t have to be your usual “rom-com” fare. With a little creative thinking, you can make your next date night perfect for books.

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